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Statement of Excellence


Grand Master Bobby Taboada's

Balintawak Arnis Cuentada System

(Taboada Balintawak)




Taboada Balintawak Organization

Taboada Balintawak is an internationally recognized Balintawak Arnis System and Filipino Martial Arts Organization developed by Grand Master Bobby Taboada.The Taboada Balintawak Organization includes, practitioners in good standing with Grand Master Bobby Taboada and the associated Taboaba Balintawak schools approved to teach and represent "carry the name" of Grand Master Bobby Taboada and Taboada Balintawak.  The Taboada Balintawak Organization is guided by the Organization's Mission statement, statement of Values and Character expectations.



Teaching Excellence

A primary goal of the Taboada Balintawak Organization is to ensure competency in teaching, instruction, and representation of Taboada Balintawak at the highest professional level. Standard operating procedures, as established by Grand Master Bobby Taboada, include appropriate designations and responsibilities for Taboada Balintawak practitioners at each designation approved to teach Taboada Balintawak (see below). Approval for teaching activities must be granted by Grand Master Bobby Taboada and/or a Taboada Balintawak Full Qualified Instructor in good standing with Grand Master Bobby Taboada and the Taboada organization. All practitioners are required and responsible to gain approval prior to teaching initiation from Grand Master Bobby Taboada and/or their associated Taboada Balintawak Full Qualified Instructor in good standing. In addition, all practitioners approved to teach Taboada Balintawak are required to be in ongoing contact with Grand Master Bobby Taboada or their associated Taboada Balintawak Full Qualified Instructor.


Designations and Responsibilities for practitioners approved to teach Taboada Balintawak

Active, Inactive, Retired Designations

Practitioners of Taboada Balintawak not actively engaged in Taboada Balintawak should assume an Inactive or Retired status. An Inactive or Retired Status represents a practitioner that is not actively engaged in Taboaba Balintawak or has retired from Taboada Balintawak. Inactive or Retired practitioners remain in "Good Standing" with Grand Master Bobby Taboada, Taboada Balintawak Full Qualified Instructors and the Taboada Balintawak Organization. The main purpose of the Active, Inactive or Retired designation is to inform persons seeking Taboada Balintawak Instruction of practitioner status. It is the expectation of the organization that practitioners will assist persons seeking Taboada Balintawak Teaching to Active level practitioners.



Group Leader- Distance Learning

Group Leaders are Taboada Balintawak practitioners specifically designated by Grand Master Bobby Taboada and or a Taboada  Balintawak Full Qualified Instructor to teach basic level Taboada Balintawak. The Group Leader designation is appropriate for distance training when Grand Master Bobby Taboada or a Taboada Balintawak Full Qualified Instructor is not regionally available. This designation requires continuous oversight by Grand Master Bobby Taboada and/or an associated Taboada Balintawak Full Qualified Instructor in good standing with the Grand Master Bobby Taboada and the Taboada Balintawak organization. Once Completion of the Art ( level 6) is obtained the practitioner will follow level 6 designation requirements.




Completion of the Art - level 6

Individuals that have attained Completion of the Art in Taboada Balintawak are approved to teach the complete Taboada Balintawak level system. Completion of the Art level individuals teaching Taboaba Balintawak are expected to maintain continuous oversight from their respective Taboada Balintawak Full Qualified Instructors in good standing. Every effort is made by Grand Master Bobby Taboada and the Taboada Organization to guide and assist individuals at Completion of the Art level towards attaining Full Qualified Instructor status in good standing. Completion of the Art level practitioners are recognized, with the approval of their associated Full Qualified Instructor and/or Grand master Bobby Taboada, to provide seminar teaching in Taboada Balintawak.




Full Qualified Instructors ( FQI) - level 7

Full Qualified Instructors (Certified Instructors) in Taboada Balintawak have attained the highest level in the Taboada Balintawak Curriculum. Full Qualified Instructors are expected to maintain the organizational standards as related to curriculum consistency, teaching, and testing requirements, and testing procedures, seminars, and related organizational activities.The Full Qualified Instructor status cannot be reached without bringing your own students to successfully test at the Completion of the Art level. The Full Qualified Instructor level is the only level approved by Grand Master Bobby Taboada and the Taboada organization to conduct and level test students in Taboada Balintawak. Currently, it is the expressed wishes of Grand Master Bobby Taboada that level 6 and 7 testing be conducted directly under Grand Master Bobby Taboada.




Full Qualified Instructor - Maintenance of Certification - FQI-MOC

In an effort to maintain Taboada Balintawak Instruction at the highest professional level a program of Maintenance Of Certification (MOC) will be the expectation for Active level FQI's. Taboada Balintawak MOC is a commitment to professional competence through lifelong learning, knowledge and professional growth in Taboada Balintawak. A primary focus of MOC  participation is to maintain teaching and skill at the highest level reasonably possible. Currently, the MOC program is on the Honor system for each FQI.  There are wide options for participating in the MOC program. The intent is not to make the process cumbersome, unduly time demanding or expensive. The MOC activity requires the process for each individual be specific to Taboada Balintawak. Recommendations and examples would include participation in ongoing specific Taboada Balintawak teaching, instruction, practice, training, testing, seminars, etc. Individuals can return to Active FQI status upon resumption of the MOC process and participation in the organization.





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