List for Full Qualified Instructors

( level 7)


The following individuals listed below have completed the Taboada Balintawak Full Qualified Instructor ( FQI) program under Grand Master Bobby Taboada. The Full Qualified Instructors listed here are in good standing with Grand Master Bobby Taboada, the Taboada  Balintawak Organization, and are approved to "carry the name" of Grand Master Bobby Taboada, Taboada Balintawak and the Taboada Balintawak Organization at the Full Qualified Instructor level


This is only a partial list and will continually be updated as information is available. If you know of a Qualified Instructor not included on this list, or have a correction, please contact us.



Eric Lawrence - Albemarle, NC
Jorge Penafiel - Cincinnati, OH (website)
Raymond Asuncion - Cincinnati, OH
Sharon LoParo - Charlotte, NC
Frank Hesse - Charlotte, NC
Glenda Wolfe - Charlotte, NC
Irwin Carmichael - Charlotte, NC
George Mandrapilias - Charlotte, NC
Bob Sullen - Highland, NY
Randy Cornell - Rock Hill, SC
David Eudy - Midland, NC
Shane Murray - Knoxville, TN
Jonathan Grimes - Winston-Salem, NC
David Russell - Greensboro, NC
Ryan Brooks - Raleigh, NC
Rick Mitchell - Los Angeles, CA
Patrick Schmitt - Cleveland, OH
Dr. Dean O'Hare - Charlotte, NC
Robert Klampfer - Charlotte, NC
Kevin Mannion - Rock Hill, SC
Paul Falcon - Rock Hill, SC / Las Vegas, NV
Michael-Vincent Malanyaon - Cincinnati, OH
David Clinard - Charlotte, NC
Robert Hicks - Cincinnati, OH
Jeff E. Love - Bowling Green, KY
Steve Mirman - Charlotte, NC
Elmann Cabotage - Columbus, OH
Brian Corey - Charlotte, NC (website)
Jemar Carcellar - Richmond, VA (website)
Alex Ormaza - Dallas, NC (website)
Scottie Hartsell - Huntersville, NC
John Soriano - Seattle, WA
Shawn Hayes - Newark, CA (website)
Buddy Herndon - Stanley, NC
Luis Lopez - Jamestown, NC
Jeff Soriano - Winston-Salem, NC
Adam Greenspan - Navarre, FL

Paulos Santos - Cinncinati, OH

Benjamin Winn - Richmond, VA (website)

Floyd Yoder - Hickory, NC  (email)

Mike Griffin - Portland, OR

Josh Thomas Farham - Seattle, WA

Tom Cohen, Charlotte NC

Eric Lance, Newton Falls, OH (website)

Belton Lubas, Bellevue, WA  (website)
Bryan Sloyer, Los Angeles, CA  (website)

Ariston Taloma – Richmond, VA

Eliseo Adaza Barja Jr. - Fort Lauterdale. FL

Kelly Miller - Dayton, OH

Daniel Hutchinson - Fairfield, OH

Robert Grossman - Chicago, IL

J. S. Santiago - Chicago, IL


Terence Baranda Dayot - Toronto (Whitby) Ontario

Dref De Moura - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Peter Mitchell - Toronto, Canada

Puerto Rico

Carlos “Pipo” López – San Juan, Puerto Rico  (email)



Daniel Prantner

Peter Netzer



New Zealand

John Wheaton , Hamilton
Stephen Pellow, Auckland

Rob Stevens - Auckland
Lee White - Auckland

Craig Rothwell - Auckland



Dr. Garth Dicker, Melbourne, Vic
Paul Gale, Melbourne, Vic
Gary Rowlands, Merimbula, NSW
Jim Sakkas, Melbourne, Vic
Al Ainsworth, Bega, NSW
Ross McDonald, Melbourne, Vic
Darrell Parker, Bega, NSW
Monique Brasher, Melbourne, Vic
Burak Yetiskin, Melbourne, Vic

Jason Goulding, Melbourne, Vic


Vincente Sanchez - Spain


Alexander Pisarkin - Russia